Advancing Teaching & Learning Scholars (ATLS)

A dynamic professional development program to help faculty understand UD and the campus systems and resources for driving student success in and around the Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center.

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About ATLS

The Advancing Teaching & Learning Scholars Program (ATLS) was launched by the LTC in 2022 to support faculty in advancing the University of Dayton’s Marianist teaching mission. Education in the Marianist spirit is a sacred duty for us all and, if done well, positions our graduates to become the lifelong learners that we want them to be and that our world needs.

The core ATLS program comprises eight sessions designed to introduce instructors to campus resources, pedagogy strategies, and timely teaching topics to increase teaching and learning effectiveness for instructors and students. These engaging 90-minute, in-person sessions are delivered by UD’s expert instructors and staff and ATLS sessions and may be taken in any order.

Program Goals
  1. Increase faculty knowledge about UD students and their learning needs, campus resources, and teaching strategies
  2. Expose faculty to services and people within the LTC as a support center for their continuing professional development at UD
  3. Connect faculty with one another and key campus colleagues to build communities of practice and commitment to the institution
Program Modules
Students looking at smiling at eachother.
Aug. / Sep. / Jan.
1hr 30min
ATLS Core 1
Who Are Our Students?
Two people on a Zoom call. One on the screen virtually and one in person.
Oct. / Feb.
1hr 30min
ATLS Core 2
Supporting Students In and Beyond the Classroom
A person smiling and seated being filmed by another person looking past the camera at the subject.
Nov. / Mar. / Oct. / Feb.
1hr 30min
ATLS Core 3
Using Educational Technologies at UD to Support Learning
A person looking at a computer screen giving two thumbs up.
Dec. / Apr. / Nov. / Mar.
1hr 30min
ATLS Core 4
Driving Student Success
An instructor gesturing in front of a class of students.
Jan. / Mar. / Sep.
1hr 30min
ATLS Core 5
Engaging Students in a Learner-Centered Classroom
A person smiling while writing on a white board.
Feb. / Oct.
1hr 30min
ATLS Core 6
How Do You Know If Students Are Learning?
An instructor smiling and pointing to a student with their hand raised.
Mar. / Nov.
1hr 30min
ATLS Core 7
Inclusive Pedagogy
An instructor smiling and interacting with two students who are seated at a table.
Apr. / Dec.
1hr 30min
ATLS Core 8
Why Do We Teach?