ChatGPT 2

Are Written Assignments Dead?

Our instructional designers will share what the current research has to say about writing in an AI world. Together we’ll (re)think about creating and grading written assessments and consider some alternatives.

AI writing tools are here for good (or ill). In this three-part series we’ll explore teaching in an AI world: How do natural language processing tools work? What do they mean for written assessment and academic honesty? How can we adapt our academic endeavors to capitalize on the benefits and minimize the risks?

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Session Facilitator(s)
  • Paul Dagnall
    Paul Dagnall

    Associate Director of Online Programs and Instructional Design, Center for Online Learning

  • Sarah Tangeman
    Sarah Tangeman

    Instructional Design Specialist, Center for Online Learning

  • David Wright
    David Wright

    Director of Academic Technology and Curriculum Innovation, Associate Professor of Biology