Zoom Classroom Basics

All set up and ready to go? In this lesson we will review the basic features of the Zoom classroom. Once you have these down, adding the advanced features will be a simple feat.

Zooming In!

Get ready to take flight in your online classroom. This video will explain all the basic tools you will need to facilitate a quality class or meeting.

Practical Application

Try out your new skills as a Zoom facilitator.

Schedule a meeting for Zoom and invite a friend. Record the session and review the recording afterward to identify any changes in approach you may need in your next use of Zoom. While in the session, ensure you can be heard and seen well with your webcam. Play around with the features and ensure that you feel comfortable using them. Alternatively, contact an eLearning representative (elearning@udyaton.edu) to schedule a test meeting.

The class session report in “Past Meetings” tab will tell you how long your students were present in your class session and how engaged they were during that session. The attentiveness rating is based on participation in the chat box, polls, discussion, video, etc.