Embedding Videos in Isidore

Embedding in Lessons and other tools

If you use videos in your course on a weekly basis, embedding them into a weekly lesson plan is the best way to ensure your students find your videos easily at the right time. In fact, this allows you to embed them in context with application questions (see lesson four).Students appreciate finding their videos in context with the week’s topics, reading and resources.

Embedding in Lessons and other tools

This lesson steps you through the various ways to embed your videos in your lessons. We also discuss the importance of the settings for share and visibility in your Warpwire library.

Practical Application

Embed one video in a lessons page of a course site.

  1. Before completing this assignment, you will need to make sure you have a Lessons Tool included in your course site. If you do not, please follow the directions found on this help page to add Lessons.
  2. Go to Lessons in your course site.
  3. Click the “Add Content” tab or click on the + sign at the top or bottom of a section on your lesson page.
  4. Choose to add “text, video, or image”.
  5. Click the circle icon with a W in the middle of it to the right of center in the middle line of the editor. This will open your Warpwire library.
  6. Click the circle next to the Warpwire video you want to embed on the page.
  7. Click the “insert item” bar at the bottom of the window.
  8. Click save on your text box.
  9. Review your lessons page for your new embed.

Let Us Check Your Work

Please send us the address of your course site (or your course site name) along with the name of the lesson page on which you embedded your video.

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