The Basics of Warpwire

Warpwire is a fairly simple tool to operate. Taking a bit of time to work through the lessons in this module will answer most questions that you might have or encounter as you use the tool. The main steps to use of Warpwire are to upload and share videos. Let’s learn how.

Adding Warpwire to your Course site and Uploading / Copying Videos

In this lesson we will cover how to install the Warpwire tool to your course site and upload your first video to Warpwire. We will show you how to copy your videos from one site to another.

Practical Application

Add Warpwire to one of your course sites and upload a video.

To complete this task, please follow the instructions below. To receive credit, please submit the quick write question after completing the task.

  1. Choose one of your current or past course sites for this task. If you have not taught a course in Isidore before and need a demo site created for you, please email with a request for a site.
  2. Click on “Add Tool” in the left hand menu of your course site under the “Site Info” heading.
  3. Click the box to the left of the menu item “Warpwire” in the Core Tools section of the Add/Remove Tools menu.
  4. Click Continue at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click Finish at the bottom of the subsequent page. This will place Warpwire as a menu item in your course site.
  6. Click on Warpwire Video in the left hand menu of your site.
  7. Click the “+” sign in the upper right corner of the tool window to choose to upload a video.
  8. Click the menu option “Upload Files”. This will open up the file picker on your computer.
  9. Navigate to find the video you would like to upload, select, and click Open.
  10. Rename the video if desired in the next screen and click “Start Uploading”. This will automatically upload your video to the Warpwire Library.

Tell us about your experience

Use the Quick Write below to tell us about your site and how easy or difficult you found this task.

  • Add Warpwire and Upload a Video (Login Required)