Analytics in Warpwire

When you publish a video as part of your lesson, you want to ensure that students have taken the time to watch the instruction. Detailed analytics are available within Warpwire both as a quick view and as a detailed export. Reports allow you to see which students are watching the videos and which parts of the videos they are watching.

Analytics in Warpwire

In this lesson we will demonstrate how to check student viewership of Warpwire videos within a course site and how to embed videos as graded activities based on views.

Practical Application

Embed a Warpwire video in a lessons tool in your course site using the procedure below to make it a graded activity.

  1. Make sure that the Gradebook tool is already installed in your course site. If it is not, please install using the “Add Tool” function in the left hand menu of your course site.
  2. Navigate to the location in lessons where you want to embed a Warpwire video that will be graded based on student viewership.
  3. Click the add content button or the + button.
  4. Choose to "Add Learning App".
  5. In the pop-up window, choose the Warpwire link.
  6. Click Launch External Tool Configuration link.
  7. Click the circle next to the video you would like to embed. If your video is in a different Warpwire library, navigate to that library and then click the circle next to the correct video.
  8. Click "insert item".
  9. If you would like to embed a video as a thumbnail, rather than a link, you will need to edit the settings of your newly created link by clicking on the edit icon next to the link, choosing display option, click on embed on page, and insert a value of 300-600 in the height box.