Text Editor

We're starting out with something that's not actually a definitive "tool" in Isidore, so sorry for the trick on this one. The rich-text editor, though, is a really important place to start because it has features that we'd hate for you to miss. These features will help you make your content accessible for all learners, as well as link your material to UD's Catholic heritage. We also think it's important to add your personality and YOUR expert voice whenever possible, so these features will help you do so.

Step 1: See It, Learn It

A 2 minute overview of some of the features in the text editor.

Step 2: Test Your Knowledge

The video was just a sample of all that is possible with the rich-text editor. Play around with the buttons yourself to see all that's possible. Only then will you be able to pass the quiz.

  • Text Editor Quiz (Login Required)

  • We all answered differently, so the author gets to answer on behalf of the team, mwahaha. Our favorite is the remove format button in the top row of the editor. This tool lets us remove all formatting from the text box, meaning we don't have to individually un-bold and un-italicize everything. Huge timesaver!