The Resources tool is a required tool in your Isidore site, meaning you can't delete it. This is because any attachment, file, or cat picture you add to your site is actually stored in the Resources tool, whether you know it or not. While Resources isn't the only tool you can use to share course materials with your students, it's the easiest to get started with.

Step 1: See It, Learn It

Watch the 1 minute video overview of Resources tool below to learn the answer to the question your students will ask you the most.

Step 2: Test Your Knowledge

You now have the power to distribute course resources. Use your power wisely.

  • Resources Quiz (Login Required)

  • If you post an article in your Resources tool that looks like this: '' -- your students (and YOU) have literally no idea what that is except that it's probably a journal article of some kind. You can rename the resources you post within Resources by clicking on Actions -> Edit Details -> Display Name. Please do this!!