We beg you. Do something, ANYTHING, with your Overview tool. Please add something other than the catalog description of the class.

Step 1: See It, Learn It

See some examples of different faculty members' Overviews in the 1 minute video below.

Step 2: Try It

Have a creative idea for an Overview? Show us!

To complete this step, you must either have an existing site that you can use, or you must first create a test site as instructed in the Creating Course Sites lesson.

  1. Log in to Isidore.
  2. Navigate to the site where you'll add your cool Overview.
  3. Create the best landing page in Isidore using all the information you have learned.

Step 3: Test Your Knowledge

We believe you now know everything required to make your Overview pop. Well, we'll believe you know everything AFTER you pass the quiz.

  • Tools:
    • Overview Quiz (Login Required)
    • Review my Overview (Login Required)

  • Additional Resources

    Wiki Resources
    Related Lessons
    Additional Articles

    The content on your Overview doesn't have to be static!! Change it throughout the semester. Put up a pumpkin joke or or a black cat for Halloween. Add an easter egg for Easter. Do something more interesting than those suggestions.