Site Creation

As an instructor, you should create an Isidore site for each of your course sections. In this video, you’ll learn how to create a site from scratch, how to duplicate an existing site, and how to create a site from a template - and how to determine which option is best for your needs.

Try It

You will now create your own Isidore site. If you would like to create a site for an actual course, you can follow the steps shown in the video.

  1. Log in to Isidore.
  2. Create an Isidore site.
  3. Let us know your site's title by completing the Quick Write below these steps.
  4. A Center for Online Learning staff member will verify that you created a site, then, boom! You earned a Site Sighted badge!

Test Your Knowledge

Once you have created a site, submit the site to the Quick Write below to earn your Site Sighted badge. Then put your knowledge to the test by taking the Quick Quiz.

  • Tools:
    • Sight my Site! (Login Required)
    • Course Site Creation Quiz (Login Required)

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