In my day, I had to track my own attendance by marking tallies on the back of my agenda. This was possibly not a foolproof system. My, my how times have changed. Record your students' attendance in Isidore so there are no discrepencies between your tracking and their tracking..

Step 1: See It, Learn It

Taking Attendance in Isidore is a choose-your-own adventure. Watch the 1 minute video to see all the adventure options. 'Adventure' is overselling the experience, but hey, at least you have options.

Step 2: Try It

Go print a sign-in sheet!

To complete this step, you must either have an existing site that you can use, or you must first create a test site as instructed in the Creating Course Sites lesson.

  1. Log in to Isidore.
  2. Navigate to your testing site.
  3. Create an attendance item.
  4. Figure the rest out for yourself. ;)

Step 3: Test Your Knowledge

  • Attendance Quiz (Login Required)