Use the Announcements tool to post messages for your students. You may attach documents and add links. By default, Announcements are also sent to students’ emails, so you can be *sure they see the message. *seeing the message still not guaranteed.

Step 1: See It, Learn It

No students were harmed by yelling in the making of this 1 minute video.

Step 2: Try It

It's now time for you to try posting your own Announcement.

To complete this step, you must either have an existing site that you can use, or you must first create a test site as instructed in the Creating Course Sites lesson.

  1. Log in to Isidore.
  2. Navigate to your testsite.
  3. Post an Announcement. WARNING: if you are testing this feature in a live course site that is published, your students will receive an email.

Step 3: Test Your Knowledge

We hope you studied up for this one. It's a toughie.

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