About WebCT
WebCT, http://webct.udayton.edu, is the University's primary learning management system (LMS). It provides faculty and staff convenient methods to deliver course syllabi, facilitate online discussions, and even post quizzes online.
About this Site
The pages here are intended to provide you with best practices, troubleshooting techniques, and other resources to make using WebCT as rich an experience as possible.
Tips and Tricks
The Tips and Tricks section provides various techniques faculty members can take advantage of to get the most out of their WebCT experience.
The Troubleshooting section provides answers to some of the most common problems faculty members encounter while using WebCT.
Using WebCT
The Using WebCT section provides information on how to ensure your computer is ready to work with WebCT.
External Resources
The External Resources section provides links to various useful tidbits of information provided by sources external to the University of Dayton.
My Courses
My Courses allows you to login and post a syllabus for your course. The syllabus will be available to all visitors of this site.
Request a Course
Request a Course takes you to the form where you may request a WebCT course for any of the upcoming terms.
The Policy is a link to the WebCT policy as set forth by the E-Learning Lab at the University of Dayton.